Rob Sloan | Biography
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Rob’s ideology for producing and performing music is to always let the music flow organically through his emotion’s, life experiences and surroundings. This has become the base foundation for him to express and showcase his musical palette and in turn has allowed him to embrace the curation of a musical Journey. Music that is inspired from various movements, moments, and moods in time. Rob’s music is always embodying of his proud South African heritage with the infusion of his favorite sounds and rhythms from across the world providing his own unique delivery of electronic dance music.


Featured amongst many of South Africa’s biggest artists including Felix La Band, Black Coffee, Julian Gomes, Culoe De Song as well as International artists like Kevin Saunderson, Anja Schneider, SIAN, AudioJack, Rodriguez Jr, Bill Patrick, Ziggy Kinder, Monika Kruse, Ross Evans, Emerson Todd, Alex Smoke, Benjamin Alexander, Ivan Smagghe, Chloe, Jennifer Cardini, JohnJon, Alex Niggemann, Julien Chaptal, Avatism, Jeremy .P. Caulfield, Marcin Cbzubala, Trickski, Agoria, and Ralf Kollmann to name few.